School Calendar

Evaluation Cycle NUR-KG

Cycle - 1
Date Nursery K.G.
2nd August Maths O/W Maths O/W
9th August EVS Oral EVS O/W
16th August Moral Value (O) Moral Value (O)
20th August English O/W English O/W
24th August Hindi O/W Hindi O/W
Cycle - 2
Date Nursery K.G.
2nd Dec Maths O/W Maths O/W
9th Dec EVS Oral EVS O/W
14th Dec Moral Value (O) Moral Value (O)
21th Dec English O/W English O/W
24th Dec Hindi O/W Hindi O/W
Cycle - 3
Date Nursery K.G.
2nd March Maths O/W Maths O/W
9th March EVS Oral EVS O/W
16th March Moral Value (O) Moral Value (O)
20th March English O/W English O/W
25th March Hindi O/W Hindi O/W

Evaluation Cycle Ist and IInd

Evaluation - 1
Date I II
11th July Maths Maths
14th July EVS EVS
15th July Drawing Drawing
18th July English English
20th July Hindi Hindi
22nd July Comp. Comp.
25th July G.K. G.K.
Evaluation - 2
Date I II
10th Sep. Maths Maths
14th Sep. English English
16th Sep. G.K. G.K.
17th Sep. Drawing Drawing
19th Sep. EVS EVS
21st Sep. Comp. Comp.
23nd Sep. Hindi Hindi
Evaluation - 3
Date I II
12th Dec Hindi Hindi
14th Dec Comp. Comp.
16th Dec English English
19th Dec EVS EVS
22nd Dec G.K. G.K.
23rd Dec Drawing Drawing
26th Dec Maths Maths
Evaluation - 4
Date I II
3rd March English English
6th March Comp. Comp.
8th March G.K. G.K.
10th March EVS EVS
14th March Hindi Hindi
16th March Maths Maths
18th March Drawing Drawing

Evaluation Cycle IIIrd to Vth

Evaluation - 1
11th July Hindi English Maths
12th July - - Skt. / Fre.
14th July S.ST Science Hindi
15th July Comp. Comp. Comp.
18th July Maths S.ST Science
20th July Science Hindi English
22nd July G.K. / Dr. Maths S.ST
25th July English G.K. / Dr. G.K. / Dr.
Evaluation - 2
10th Sep. Maths English S.ST
14th Sep. Hindi Science Comp / Skt. / Fre.

16th Sep. S.ST Maths Maths
17th Sep. G.K. / Dr. G.K. / Dr. G.K. / Dr.
19th Sep. Science S.ST Hindi
21st Sep. Comp. Comp. English
23nd Sep. English Hindi Science
Evaluation - 3
12th Dec S.ST English Maths
14th Dec Hindi Science Hindi
16th Dec English Maths English
19th Dec Maths S.ST Science
20th Dec - - Comp.
22nd Dec Science Hindi G.K. / Dr.
23rd Dec Comp. Comp. Skt. / Fre.
26th Dec G.K. / Dr. G.K. / Dr. S.ST
Evaluation - 4
3rd March Hindi S.ST English
6th March Science English Maths
8th March G.K. / Dr. G.K. / Dr. Comp. / Skt. / Fre.
10th March English Maths S.ST
14th March S.ST Comp. Hindi
16th March Comp. Science Science
18th March Maths Hindi G.K. / Dr.

Evaluation Cycle VIth to VIIIth

FA - 1
9th May Hindi S.St English
10th May Science Hindi Skt. / Fre.
11th May Maths Science Hindi
12th May Skt. / Fre. English S.St
13th May S.St Maths Science
16th May English Skt. / Fre. Maths
FA - 2
1st Aug Hindi S.St English
2nd Aug Science Hindi Skt. / Fre.
3rd Aug Maths Science Hindi
4th Aug Skt. / Fre. English S.St
5th Aug S.St Maths Science
6th Aug English Skt. / Fre. Maths
FA - 3
7th Nov Hindi S.St English
8th Nov Science Hindi Skt. / Fre.
9th Nov Maths Science Hindi
10th Nov Skt. / Fre. English S.St
11th Nov S.St Maths Science
12th Nov English Skt. / Fre. Maths
FA - 4
19th Dec Hindi S.St English
20th Dec Science Hindi Skt. / Fre.
21st Dec Maths Science Hindi
22nd Dec Skt. / Fre. English S.St
23rd Dec S.St Maths Science
24th Dec English Skt. / Fre. Maths
SA - 1
10th Sep English S.St Maths
14th Sep Hindi Skt. / Fre. English
16th Sep Skt. / Fre. English Science
17th Sep Comp. G.K. /Dr. Comp.
19th Sep Science Hindi S.St
21st Sep S.St Maths Hindi
23rd Sep Maths Science Skt. / Fre.
24th Sep G.K. / Dr. Comp. G.K. / Dr.
SA - 2
3rd March English Hindi Maths
4th March G.K. / Dr. Comp. G.K. / Dr.
6th March S.St Science S.St
8th March Maths Skt. / Fre. English
10th March Hindi English Hindi
11th March Comp. G.K. / Dr. Comp.
14th March Science Maths Science
16th March Skt. / Fre. S.St Skt. / Fre.

Together We can (PTM’S)

S.No. Occasion Classes Date Day
1. Orientation Program Nur-VIII April Saturday
2. Parent-Teacher Interaction III-XII 25th May’16 Wednesday
3. Parent-Teacher Interaction Nur-V 30th July’16 Saturday
4. Parent-Teacher Interaction VI-XII 13th August’16 Saturday
5. Parent-Teacher Interaction Nur-XII 1st October’16 Saturday
6. Parent-Teacher Interaction Nur IX, XI 14th January’17 Saturday
7. Parent-Teacher Interaction X/XII 28th January’17 Saturday
8. Parent-Teacher Interaction IX-X 25th February’17 Saturday
9. Parent-Teacher Interaction XI 4th March’17 Saturday
10. Parent-Teacher Interaction Nur-V 25th March’17 Saturday
11. Parent-Teacher Interaction VI-IX 27th March’17 Monday

Vacation Planner

Vacations Classes Duration
Summer Break Nur to II 20th May’16 to 3rd July’16
School re-opens on 4th July’16
III to VIII 28th May’16 to 3rd July’16
School re-opens on 4th uly’16
IX to XII 20th June’16 to 3rd July’16
School re-opens on 4th July’16
Autumn Break (All Classes) 10th October’16 to 12th October’16
School re-opens on 13th October’16
Diwali Break (All Classes) 30th October’16 to 1st November’16
School re-opens on 2nd November’16
Winter Break Nursery to V 31st December’16 to 10th January’17
School re-opens on 11th January’17
VI to VIII 1st January’17 to 10th January’17
School re-opens on 11th January’17
IX to XII 1st January’17 to 5th January’17
School re-opens on 6th January’17

List of Holidays

S.No. Name of the Holiday Date Day
1. Baisakhi 13th April Wednesday
2. Ambedkar Jayanti 14th April Thursday
3. Ram Navami 15th April Friday
4. Mahavir Jayanti 20th April Wednesday
5. Budh Purnima 21st May Saturday
6. Eid-ul-Fitr 8th July* Friday
7. Independence Day 15th August Monday
8. Raksha Bandhan 18th August Thursday
9. Janamashtami 25th August Thursday
10. Id-ul-Zuha 13th September* Tuesday
11. Gandhi Jayanti 2nd October Sunday
12. Dussehra 11th October Tuesday
13. Muharram 12th October Wednesday
14. Maharishi Valmiki Jayanti 16th October Sunday
15. Deepawali 30th October Sunday
16. Goverdhan Puja 31st October Monday
17. Bhai Dooj 1st November Tuesday
18. Chhat Puja 6th November Sunday
19. Guru Nanak B’day 14th November Monday
20. Eid-E-Milad 13th December* Tuesday
21. Christmas 25th December Sunday
22. New Year’s Holiday 1st January Sunday
23. Makar Sankranti 14th January Saturday
24. Republic Day 26th January Thursday
25. Mahashivratri 24th February Friday
26. Holi 13th March Monday
* Holidays are subject to change.