Mata Bhatee Devi School

Primary Wing


Primary education or elementary education often in primary school or elementary school is typically the first stage of compulsory education, coming between early childhood education and secondary education. Primary education or elementary education fulfills the special needs of students during the first few years of their schooling life. Primary education has specific goals that make it a critical component of an educational system as a whole. On that account, at Mata Bhatee Devi during their primary education, students are taught to think critically, to strive to attain high standards, to meet the challenges posed by technological advancements and to develop citizenship and basic values. In order to achieve these goals, we provide orderly and safe environment, where supervised learning can take place. A good primary school has more impact on children's academic progress than their gender or family background, researchers claimed today. Our high quality pre-school followed by an academically effective primary school gives the children's development a significant boost.

Our Primary years program aims the students to :
  • ->acquire literacy, numeracy, creativity and communication skills.
  • ->enjoy learning and develop desire to continue learning.
  • ->develop ability for critical thinking and logical judgment.
  • ->appreciate and respect the dignity of work.
  • ->develop desirable social standards, moral and religious values.
  • ->develop into a self-disciplined, physically fit and healthy person.
  • ->develop aesthetic values and appreciate own and other people's cultures.
  • ->develop awareness and appreciation of the environment.
  • ->develop awareness of and appreciation for other nations and international community.
  • ->instill respect and love for own country and the need for harmonious co-existence.
  • ->develop individual talents.
  • ->promote social responsibility and make proper use of leisure time.
  • ->develop awareness and appreciation of the role of technology in national development.